Romania Offers Scholarship to Indian Students for year 2024-25

Romania Offers Scholarship to Indian Students for year 2024-25 Check details and apply online

Government Of Romania To Offer Scholarships To Indian Students, Check Details To Apply


The Government of Romania, through its Ministry of Education, has announced a unique opportunity for Indian students. Under the Cultural Exchange Programme, Romania will award scholarships to Indian students for the academic year 2024-25. These scholarships are designed to facilitate an exchange of experiences in specific specializations rather than funding full bachelor, master, or doctoral studies.

Romania Offers Scholarship to Indian Students for year 2024-25

The Ministry’s official notification clarifies that the scholarships are for a total duration of 20 months, distributed among various applicants. Each scholarship can last from three to ten months. For instance, if six students each apply for a three-month scholarship, all six could potentially be awarded. Should the number of applicants exceed the available scholarship months, the Romanian Ministry of Education will evaluate the applications and select the recipients based on set criteria.

Eligibility for these scholarships is specific. Applicants must not hold Romanian citizenship or citizenship from EU, Swiss Confederation, or European Economic Area member states. Additionally, candidates must not be currently receiving another Romanian scholarship for the same level of study. Academic performance is crucial, with a minimum average score of 7 in their previous education. There are no age restrictions for these short-term courses, but selection will consider the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranking of the applicant’s current institute and their recent academic marks.

The application process requires candidates to submit proof of their current and past educational qualifications. This includes documents detailing their current studies and previously obtained diplomas. The aim is to ensure that the candidates have a solid educational foundation and are well-prepared to benefit from the exchange program.

For further details and to apply, interested candidates can visit the official Romanian education portal at This site provides comprehensive information about Romanian universities, available domains, and specialization programs. The deadline for submitting application forms is May 26, 2024, making it imperative for interested students to act swiftly.

The scholarships are offered by the Romanian Ministry of Education under the framework of the bilateral cooperation.

The Ministry of Education has issued a notification about scholarships being offered to Indian students by the Government of Romania. Under the aegis of the Cultural Exchange Programme, the Government of Romania is awarding scholarships to Indian students for the academic year 2024-25.

The scholarships being offered will not be for full bachelor, master or doctoral studies. These scholarship are rather an exchange of experience in studying a particular specialisation.

Interested and eligible candidates can submit the application forms by May 26, 2024. The complete details are available on the official website of the Ministry of Education.

An official notification by the Ministry of Education reads,  “The number of scholarships is not 20. The scholarships are for a total of 20 months (with period from 3 up to maximum 10 months). For example. if 6 students apply each for 3 months, all of them can be admitted. If the applications received are more than the number of scholarship months, the Ministry of Education of Government of Romania will evaluate them and make the choice.”

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who do not hold Romanian citizenship or the citizenship of a European Union/Swiss Confederation/European Economic Area member state are eligible for the grant. The applicant must not be benefitting from a scholarship granted by Romania for the same study level. They must have good results namely an average of 7 registered in their previous education degree.

There is no age-limit requirement for the short-term courses. Candidates will be nominated based on NIRF ranking of the institute they are studying in and marks obtained in last semester.

The minimum educational qualification required for the scholarship is documents specifying which studies the candidates are currently pursuing and previously obtained diplomas.

For more details, candidates may visit for finding information about the Romanian universities, domains, specialisation programmes.

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