IGNOU revised  Date Sheet released for June 2024 Updated; Download Subject Course Wise check here 

IGNOU revised  Date Sheet released for June 2024 Updated; Download Subject Course Wise check here 

IGNOU Date Sheet June 2024 Updated; Download Subject Course Wise


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is renowned for its flexible education system, offering a wide range of courses to students across various disciplines. As part of its assessment system, IGNOU conducts term-end examinations twice a year, in June and December. These examinations play a pivotal role in evaluating students’ understanding of the course material and determining their academic progress.



Importance of the IGNOU Tentative Date Sheet

The IGNOU tentative date sheet holds immense significance for students preparing for the term-end examinations. It provides them with a structured timeline of the examination schedule, enabling them to plan their study routine effectively. By knowing the dates of their exams in advance, students can allocate sufficient time for revision and preparation, thereby enhancing their chances of success.

Updates on the IGNOU Date Sheet June 2024 Term-End Examination Date Sheet

As of 26 April 2024, IGNOU Date Sheet June 2024 has released the tentative date sheet for the June 2024 term-end examinations. This updated schedule incorporates various changes and modifications compared to previous terms, ensuring smooth conduct of examinations amidst evolving circumstances. Students are advised to carefully review the date sheet to familiarize themselves with the exam dates and timings.

Subject-wise Schedule IGNOU Date Sheet June 2024

The date sheet provides a detailed breakdown of the examination schedule, listing the dates and timings for each subject. Students are encouraged to refer to the subject-wise schedule to avoid any confusion and plan their preparation accordingly.

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How to Access the IGNOU Tentative Date Sheet

The IGNOU tentative date sheet for the June 2024 term-end examinations can be accessed through the official website of IGNOU. Alternatively, students can also obtain the date sheet from their respective regional centers or through other authorized channels.

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The IGNOU tentative date sheet for the June 2024 term-end examinations serves as a crucial tool for students in their exam preparation journey. By utilizing this resource effectively and following the tips provided, students can enhance their chances of performing well in the examinations and achieving their academic goals.


  1. How often does IGNOU update the tentative date sheet?
    • IGNOU updates the tentative date sheet as needed, usually before the commencement of term-end examinations. However, students are advised to regularly check for any updates or revisions.
  2. Can the date sheet be subject to further changes after the initial update?
    • While IGNOU strives to maintain the accuracy of the tentative date sheet, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate changes or revisions. Students should stay informed and check for any updates periodically.
  3. Is there a provision for special accommodations in the exam schedule?
    • Yes, IGNOU provides special accommodations for students with disabilities or those facing exceptional circumstances. Such students are required to make appropriate arrangements with the university authorities in advance.
  4. What should I do if I encounter discrepancies in the date sheet?
    • In case of discrepancies or confusion regarding the date sheet, students should promptly contact their respective regional centers or the examination department for clarification and guidance.
  5. Are there any specific guidelines for appearing in IGNOU examinations?
    • Yes, IGNOU has established guidelines and regulations for students appearing in examinations, including rules regarding examination centers, admit cards, and conduct during examinations. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure a smooth examination experience.

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